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U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions (EAGLE)

Contract Number: HSHQDC-06-D-00058

Eligibility: All U.S. Department of Homeland Security agencies

Contract Period: 2 years (09/27/2010 - 03/15/2013)

Contract Type: Multiple Award, IDIQ - All contract types available under individual task orders

EAGLE Enterprise JV LLC or “EEJV” is a small business joint venture incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2005. EEJV was formed by Lead Member, Enterprise Information Services, Inc. of Vienna, VA to provide the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with reliable, high quality IT solutions. We received our EAGLE award under the “Small Business Track” in EAGLE Functional Categories 1 and 3

EEJV is comprised of the following mid-size IT businesses, each with over 10 years experience providing IT solutions to the Federal Government:

Through the joining of these firms, EEJV commits significant resources to meet the challenges of multiple, concurrent DHS EAGLE task orders while supporting DHS small business requirements. EEJV resources include a staff of over 900 who have achieved professional certifications in more than 150 IT systems engineering, security and testing and software development disciplines. More than 300 of our staff hold advanced degrees.

Program Description:
The DHS Program Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions or "EAGLE" establishes a suite of indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contracts for IT support services that will enable the Department of Homeland Security's business and program units to accomplish their mission objectives. EEJV will support EAGLE Contract Task Orders in Functional Categories 1 and 3. 

Functional Category 1: Infrastructure Engineering Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration
EEJV will provide all phases of system design and development through deployment to ensure DHS IT solutions will enable their users to meet their mission goals and objectives. These efforts include the full range of infrastructure engineering design, development, implementation and integration, including, but not limited to, concept development, planning, requirements definition and analysis, systems design and development, integration, implementation, and deployment.

Functional Category 3: Independent Test, Validation, Verification, and Evaluation
EEJV will provide the full range of independent test, validation, verification, and evaluation solutions to ensure that all IT products, programs, and services meet DHS standards and are performing to defined design, cost, schedule and performance specifications/capabilities. EEJV will provide best practices, technologies, tools, and support to quality and operational assessments, integration testing and system test and evaluation, including security certification and accreditation, for IT systems. EEJV will also provide independent verification and validation through the monitoring and evaluation of projects through activities such as, but not limited to, assessments, process and procedure audits, project and performance management, and systems analysis and design.

Functional Areas:

Functional Category 1 Infrastructure Engineering, Design, Development, Implementation and Integration, including:
  • Concept Development
  • Planning
  • Requirements Definition and Analysis
  • Systems Design and Development
  • Integration
  • Implementation
  • Deployment
  • Functional Category 3 Independent Test, Validation, Verification and Evaluation, including:
  • Integration Testing
  • System Test and Evaluation
  • Security Certification and Accreditation
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Assessments
  • Process and Procedure Audits
  • Project and Performance Management
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Payment/Contract Terms:
    EIS chooses to offer our customers our most aggressive pricing (all discounts factored in) upfront to provide consistency between task estimates to incurred costs.

    Payment Terms: Net 30 days

    For More Information: DHS EAGLE

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