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Business Conduct Policy

EIS, a responsible Federal government contractor, is committed to conducting its business with honesty, integrity, and in full compliance of the law. The EIS Business Conduct Policy, effective as of May 1, 1995, shall be adhered to now and in the future so as to preserve the corporationís business reputation and to insure that relations between EIS and its employees, consultants, customers, suppliers, and the public are premised upon fair dealing, trust, and goodwill.

These principals are also supplemented by various other corporate policies and procedures that address these and other business and legal issues in a more detailed fashion. In addition, all employees and consultants are required to participate in annual training and education sessions to reinforce the principles set forth herein. At least annually, all employees and consultants are required to acknowledge and pledge compliance with this policy.

All references to "employee" in this policy shall apply equally to directors, officers, agents, consultants, contract labor, or others when they are acting for or on behalf of the company.

All EIS Employees agree to ensure the following:

  1. They will not engage in any activity directly or indirectly that might create a conflict of interest for the company or for themselves individually, or competitive or adverse to the business interests of EIS.
  2. They will not take advantage of their EIS position to seek personal gain through the inappropriate use of EIS or non-public information or abuse of their position.
  3. EIS expects undivided loyalty to the interest of the company, including protection of company proprietary and confidential information.
  4. They will observe that fair dealing is the foundation for all of the companyís transactions and interactions.
  5. They will promptly report any financial or non-financial developments that could possibly have an effect on the operations or financial condition of company, and the related reporting thereof.
  6. They will not permit company funds to be (a) contributed to candidates for federal, state or local office or (b) used to form and/or support committees who support such candidates.
  7. They will protect all company, customer and supplier assets and use them only for appropriate company approved activities.
  8. Without exception, they will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  9. They will promptly report any violation of this policy or any illegal activity to their project manager / program manager, HR manager, or the EIS president.
  10. EIS will not retaliate against any employee who comes forward to raise genuine concerns in good faith under this policy or any other company policy.

Where to Seek Guidance

When employees have questions or concerns about business conduct, or the application of this or any other company policy you should seek guidance from the following reporting channels:

Project Manager / Program Manager - It is often most effective to report concerns to the project manager / program manager. PMs are directly responsible for providing their employees with the resources necessary to resolve problems or concerns.

Human Resources Manager - Another effective channel for problem solving is Human Resources Manager, who has a primary role to support employees of the company. Contact Betty Taye, 703.752.5549, BTaye@GoEIS.com.

Corporate Compliance Officer – If the above channels do not provide a satisfactory resolution, employees are encouraged to immediately contact Scott Regel, 703-752-5527, SRegel@GoEIS.com.


EIS is committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all its relationships, including those with its customers and its suppliers. Any failure on the employee's part to comply with the standards set forth in the Policy may result in disciplinary action (up to and including termination of employment), restitution of costs or damages incurred by EIS, and/or other remedial action permitted by law. Anyone charged with a violation of this Policy will be afforded the opportunity to explain his or her actions before disciplinary action is taken.


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